Regenerative Medicine through Biologics

Wellness Wound Providers is dedicated to healing chronic non-healing wounds in long-term care facilities. Our vision is to change the way the world treats and manages chronic non-healing wounds with better data, better decision-making, and better documentation.

What we do

Chronic non-healing wounds can compromise the quality of life for those living in long-term care facilities. The longer a wound remains open or unhealed, the greater the chance of unwanted complications such as infection, hospitalization, and even amputation. We use our “High-Tech Hi-Touch Approach” to wound care management to improve patient outcomes.

High-Tech Wound Care Management

Artificial Intelligence integrated with wound care management will improve standardization and ultimately healing outcomes.


High Touch Customer Relations

Our High-Touch service model is designed to provide our various partners with exceptional customer service at every level with enhanced human-to-human interaction. From our leadership, sales and marketing and clinical teams, our goal is to always focus on the human side of every business interaction.

How It Works

Step 1

Wound Assessment

Our clinicians measure the wound digitally using artificial intelligence via mobile or desktop devices.

Step 2

Biologics Application

Apply Advanced Biologics to the wound if applicable and per company instructions.

Step 3

Select & Order Advance Wound Care Dressing

Select and order advanced wound care dressings using the proprietary Wound Treatment Algorithm. A comprehensive plan of care will be provided.

Step 4

Supplies Delivered/Claims Submissions

Advanced Biologics and Advanced Wound Care supplies (DME) are delivered within 48 hours and are billed via PDM.

Step 5

Generate Documents/Reports

The wound care documentation generated is complete and ready for our team to submit.


90 - 95% Wound Healing Rate

  • 100+ standardized treatment protocols covering all wound classifications
  • Treatment protocols include advanced wound supplies and human tissue allografts
  • Proprietary topical antibiotic to decrease risk of infection

Decrease Lower Extremity Amputation Rate

  • Exceptional venous wound care – 600,000 cases annually of VSUs with a 90% recurrence rate

  • Expert diabetic foot care – 15%of Diabetics develop chronic DFUs that could lead to amputation

  • Specific clinical scenarios to treat lower extremity ulcerations

Superior Wound Care Documentation

  • Our weekly wound care progress reports provide a wound picture, digital measurements, a detailed visit summary, and a comprehensive plan of care
  • Documentation exceeds Medicare LCD Requirements

Cost Savings

  • As a Medicare Part B supplier, we provide all wound care supplies, including advanced wound dressings (Smith & Nephew) at no cost
  • Cost savings allow our partners to point additional resources towards patient care

Increased CMS Facility Ratings

  • Significantly reduce incidence of chronic pressure ulcers resulting in positive Medicare rating for wound care.